Baby Steps 2nd Season 10

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The episodes focus on the vital play of Maruo and Araya. They are exploring their own skills and strengths. This series provide a good way for them in order to attach each other and earn some good appreciation of each other without forcing an off-practice kind of event for Maruo to get all caught up in his head.  We only got few episodes each seasons and it seems where the two of them get closer, but the main focus is on the game itself and the paths of their lives in competing, practicing and trying to go pro with it. So material like the previous episodes is a welcome way to blend both things together while also encourages each of them forward a bit as well.

With the battle, Araya kicking off at the end of the last episode, that gets underway in full here right from the start and it’s definitely strong with what it does as Araya is a strong player. One that’s also quite vocal, which a lot of Mouru’s opponents haven’t been, which makes for unusual player.  Araya dominates the match against Mouru that makes Mouru to struggle. He has grown so much after his Florida time and other events that we see him reacting and coming back on the offensive, with better defense, faster and better than before. And seeing Mouru really working it as he does, confidently but also cautiously, works well since Araya is an unpredictable player in a lot of ways. It may not be the flashiest way in some senses, but its different kind of power that he brings to the court.



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The episode starts with cross-examine around the campfire about the group’s recent penetration of Ectabana. And next, we see them escaping from a large number of horseman, they are going to be ambush just outside of Kashan Fortress.  It is amazing with the way the story goes. Daryun gain the support of Lord Hodir. Maybe both the viewers and horseman was surprised how they have escaped from the thousand of enemies.

Between Hodir’s council and Arslan’s attempted liberation of the slaves, this week episode served as another investigation into Arslan’s convictions and fair amount of information can be concluded from the way he behaved. Again, for me Arslan exhibits an interesting balance of caution and naivety. On one hand he chooses to hold a council with his followers concerning what he should do next after Hodir’s visitation rather than saying outright that he will stand by his beliefs and that he will not be swayed. On the other hand, he openly expressed his desire to free the slaves once he became the new king to Hodir and furthermore was ignorant of the way the slaves would react upon his telling them that their master was dead and they were free.

This combination of traits I think defines Arslan quite well however one has to wonder at his methods given his foolhardiness in declaring his intentions to Hodir, who only just informed him that the ratio of slaves to masters in Kashan was greater than that of Ecbatana. There’s naivety and then there is blatant stupidity and that one action may have crossed the line. It was of course an important moment for Arslan’s progression to see what the slaves are like when they are liberated from their master however I can’t help but feel that, because of the otherwise low-impact events of the episode, that the only narrative purpose of visiting Kashan in the first place was to show Arslan this.

None the less, his knowledge know the slavery is not purely a bad thing, even for the slaves because of their desires and simple lives, is important and it will be interesting how he utilizes this information in the future and how it affects his ideals. This kind of stuff is what makes this story interesting to me because of its exploration of things that other shows might gloss over – the idea of slavery having positive elements for the slaves is in direct contradiction of Arslan’s understanding of the concept and so where he goes from here ideologically should be quite interesting.

It’s one of the many lessons Arslan will have to learn if he is to become king. He’s already showing signs of finding the “happy middle” I discussed at the beginning of the series. He can lay down the law while realizing that his father’s stubborn ruthlessness is wrong. (Well, if Andragoras even is his father, because I’ve seen enough stories like this to know that Narsus and Daryun wouldn’t question Arslan’s parentage if it wasn’t going to come up again down the line.) There are too many signs of things to come to dismiss this week’s installment, even if it.

Hibike! Euphonium 08

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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonium 07

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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonium 06

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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonium 05

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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium


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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

Asuka leads a meeting regarding Sun Festival because of the incident happens in the first ensemble. The leaders do not like the fact that Taki is ignoring traditions.

The school’s band played terribly in front of Taki. This is the reason why Taki won’t allow them to perform at the upcoming SunFes till they perfect Marines’ Hymn. Sawada is angry at Taki’s obvious disregard for the school’s tradition, but Taki only doing it in order the band will improve. For me, the band has gotten too confortable with the tradition.

Osagawara concluded that they are going to practice and have their ensemble performance next week. If they still are not allowed to perform at SunFes, then that is the time they will complain to Taki. Then suddenly Taki entered the room the following second and inquires on the large gathering. He says that the section leaders’ meeting is such a waste of time. He also announced that the classes will be shortened this week because of the parent-teacher meeting.

He conducts practice outside their classroom. Taki instruct that the members should run a lap around the school campus then after running they should play their own instrument.

It is obvious that Taki wants that the band members will improve.  Taki reminds that majority of the members vote for the goal to compete in the Nationals. It meant that the group is not good enough to compete, which means competing in the Nationals is such a dream.

Kumiko and Shuichi have a private conversation about Taki and bring up Reina who voiced her opinion earlier. There is the implication that the seniors in the trumpet section have painted a target on Reina. Reina arrives unexpectedly and defends Taki proclaiming that she will not allow anybody to speak badly about him. In the next day, Reina ask apology to Kumiko for what happened last night. Kumiko tells Reina that she was inspired to work harder after hearing her play the trumpet the previous day. This inspires Kumiko to invite everyone in the brass section to play together, which includes Nakagawa, another euphonium player.

The band finally learns how to play as a group, which leads to impress Taki, and atlast, they give them the training schedule. He says that SunFes is an important event because it is one of the few events that school bands can play outside competition.


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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

The episode begins as Kumiko narrates how the sectional practice does. Each section practices separately so as not disturb the others. It is educational when Kumiko discussed about percussion stays in the music room because the instruments are hard to move.  Because woodwinds are sensitive to water and sunlight, they go to an empty nearby classroom. The brass can play outside, so they go where ever is left. And so on.

Kumiko, Hazuki and the other first year begin practice breathing exercise, where the latter tries too hard.  Later on, Asuka and Midori came to excuse Kumiko and Hazuki in order to choose their partner. She refers to the instrument their going to use.

Practice hits a complication for the brass band because a few members leave practice early. They do not have much time for the Sun Festival (SunFes).

Kumiko bring her euphonium from school to home in able to clean it because it not was using it for a year.

Hazuki is going to be a long and hard path. She never played a musical instrument in her entire life. Sapphire compares the difficulty of playing band to playing school sports team, where they conclude, why the club doesn’t have many second year students.

Kumiko tried to know the reason why the band members slacking off and not practicing at all, which found out that simply because they are not taking practice seriously.  The “Marines’ Hymn” is the piece their going to play in their first ensemble is too basic, so the club members found it boring and doesn’t take it seriously.

The first ensemble came, the band members failed to play correctly and in tune the piece so they are flop in front of Taki, who calmly and politely tells them to not waste his time. It was harsh, but it had to be said. This is a good lesson for them. If they want to succeed, they need to be serious and work hard. Taki also said that music groups need effective teamwork.

This made tensions among the club members. It is their tradition to play every year at the SunFes, but it’s apparent that they haven’t taken the event seriously. It leads to another revelation; half of the second years have quit the school’s band. Shuichi explains to the girls that the second years were gung-ho and often clashed with the third years with resulted to lots of problem.

The band cancels practice till the section leaders’ meeting is finished, but Kousaka continues playing and it proves that she is one of the few taking this seriously. She frustrated scream at the end, which is understable after what happened in the middle school.


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響け!ユーフォニアム, Sound! Euphonium

Kumiko and Reina are good friends’ way back in their elementary days. But sadly, the two of them didn’t graduate together on a best term. And now, they are reunited again at Kitauji High School, and it is awkward for Kumiko. She was about to talk to Reina but because of her awkwardness she even say a single word. Reina walks off and Kumiko is scolded by her friends.

The tension between them starts from middle school graduation because they did not make it to the national competition. Reina is very passionate it what she do so she is not contented being a runner up.

Kumiko is planning to change instrument, from euphonium to trombone. But she stuck in euphonium. She learned that, it was the only slot unfilled from the past. And her friend, Asuka, the club’s vice- president, reveals herself as a euphonium player so she has no choice.

Goto introduces himself as the leader of the tuba group. Kumiko was shocked that tuba can’t lift easily because it is so heavy. This has given her a new respect towards brass instrument.

Sapphire volunteers to play contrabass because she uses to play it when she was at Seijo Academy.

Reina impresses everybody with her trumpet skills. It shows that she really has a talent. But we know Reina, she is very passionate on band so she works hard with a combination of band practice and private lessons.

Taki was their new adviser, a strict teacher. He needed to be strict in order the Kitagami High Concert Club can compete in the Nationals. He gives a choice to the club members; it is either practice to compete in the Nationals or to simply make memories. Majority of the members raises their hands to compete in the Nationals, while Aoi is the only person who vote the other choices.

The episode finish on a pleasant note as Taki closes the door and the club members begins practice.


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俺物語!!, My Love Story!!

The episode starts with Takeo’s dream where he meets with Suna in a park riding on a swing and trying to team him how to use it. Of course, whatever things that Takeo does, Suna ended to be laughing.

After their class, strangely, Suna didn’t want to come with Takeo in meeting Yamato. Yamato was surprised that Suna was not with Takeo. Yamato asked Takeo that gives the leftover of the snack she baked to Suna.

Yamato asked Takeo when his birthday and in return, Takeo also to Yamato. It was then it was discovered that 10 days from now, its Yamato’s birthday. He asked Yamato what she wants in her birthday and she demands that she don’t want party or anything. What she wants is to be with Takeo for the whole day.

Takeo then asked Suna to help him to prepare for the upcoming birthday of Yamato. He wants to keep it secret to surprise his girlfriend. At the same day, Takeo learned that his mother is pregnant and he going to be an older brother.

When Takeo announced it to both Yamato and Suna, which prompts them to tell each they will be a good parents. They both blushed in what they have said.

Suna helped Takeo in creating an itinerary of Yamato’s birthday. It was surprising that all of the places that they have decided to go to have a history.  Every place that Takeo mentions, Suna burst out loud at the memories he remembers.

Planning is great but Takeo forgot that he needs money in order to fulfill the plan so he decide to get a part-time job so that he can pay for the day and he can buy gift.

But Takeo been noticing that there is something wrong to his bestfriend so he decided to ask but Suna respond that there is nothing wrong.

And he successfully gets hired in a café that centers on bodybuilding and being macho. Unfortunately, Takeo carelessly spilled that she is taking a part-time job for her birthday.

When Takeo got home that day, his mother mentions that Suna’s father was rushed in the hospital because he collapsed and needed to have a heart surgery.  It coincides that Yamatos birthday and Suna’s father surgery are in the same day. Takeo wanted to cancel Yamato’s birthday in order to accompany Suna in the hospital. Suna berates himby saying that it won’t make feel him better if she cancel so it’s better to enjoy the day and see each other afterwards.  Takeo agreed.